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Category: Scripts

What is CSS Box model?

CSS Box model Explained

The knowledge of CSS box model is very much important for anyone who aspire to learn CSS or HTML. What is CSS box model is frequent question among the newbie web developers.
According to the W3C candidate recommendation, the CSS box model describes the rectangular boxes that are generated for elements in the document tree and laid out according to the visual formatting model.

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Embed Flash in XHTML – Pass W3C Validation

Inserting flash(swf) files directly in XHTML causes w3c validation errors. This article explains how to embed flash in XHTML pages with out affecting the page Validation.
The Usual method is to use “<object>” tag and “<embed>” tag to insert the flash files in web pages. This  causes errors while validating the page as per the w3c standards.

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A brief Note on JavaScript Objects – JavaScript articles

JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming language (OOP). An Object is a special kind of data and acts like real –life objects. An object has properties and methods. A real-life example for object could be a music system. It has properties like, on, off, current volume, etc. The methods could be said as, turn on, turn off, increase volume, etc. Similarly, JavaScript objects do have properties and methods.

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JavaScript Basics – The Fundamentals of JavaScript

This article briefly explains the fundamentals of JavaScript.  The basic characteristics, features, usage, etc. have been explained in simple terms. Topics like,  What is JavaScript ?,  How can we use the JavaScript ? , Where to place a JavaScript code ?,  Characteristics of JavaScript,  JavaScript variables,  JavaScript operators, etc. are explained in a simple manner.

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