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Month: September 2009

A brief Note on JavaScript Objects – JavaScript articles

JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming language (OOP). An Object is a special kind of data and acts like real –life objects. An object has properties and methods. A real-life example for object could be a music system. It has properties like, on, off, current volume, etc. The methods could be said as, turn on, turn off, increase volume, etc. Similarly, JavaScript objects do have properties and methods.

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JavaScript Basics – The Fundamentals of JavaScript

This article briefly explains the fundamentals of JavaScript.  The basic characteristics, features, usage, etc. have been explained in simple terms. Topics like,  What is JavaScript ?,  How can we use the JavaScript ? , Where to place a JavaScript code ?,  Characteristics of JavaScript,  JavaScript variables,  JavaScript operators, etc. are explained in a simple manner.

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Creating a database search application using Dreamweaver

This article describes how to create a search application using Dreamweaver.  This application makes use the Access database to store information and Active Server Pages to retrieve the data in it. This article is oriented to the intermediate Dreamweaver users. You need to have no ASP programming skills to build this application. All you want to possess is a simple programming logic.This tutorial has Only 2 pages.
The first page is a search form and the second one is a page which displays the search results.

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