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Block and Inline Elements in HTML – HTML,CSS tutorial

It is very much important for a web developer to know the characteristics of each elements in HTML. This article briefly explains the difference between the Block elements and the Inline elements in HTML.

Block Elements:

Following are the some of the main features of a block level element.

  • An element that takes up full width available, and
  • Has a line break before and after it.

Some of the sample elements would be:


Inline Elements:

Following are some of the features of and inline element

  • An element which takes up only as much width as necessary, and
  • Does not force line breaks before and after the elements.

Some of the sample elements would be:



By changing the “display” attribute of these elements, we can achieve the specific requirements. The following is the example using CSS.

li {display:inline}
span {display:block}