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Month: May 2009

Creating a simple flash sound controller

In this tutorial, we learn how to create a simple sound controller using flash. In this, we focus on the Flash sound Object. This article will show how to control an mp3 file in a flash movie. This articles is aimed at the Flash action Script beginners.

  • Create a new Flash movie. (File >> New>>Flash Document)
  • Save it. (File>>Save)
  • Import the sound file. (File>>Import>>Import to Library [*wav OR *.mp3])
  • Create/place 2 buttons on the stage (Window>>Components>>User Interface >>Button)

Now our first step of importing the necessary files are completed

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Creating DSN Connection to a database using Dreamweaver

Tool used: dreamweaver 8

Db used: MS Access

In this article,  we learn, how to create DSN Connection in Dreamweaver.


The first step in this is to create a system DSN. To create DSN you have to go to (Windows) system’s control panel and then you have to go to “Administrative Tools” then “Data Sources (ODBC)” then go to the “System DSN” TAB.

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