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Creating DSN Connection to a database using Dreamweaver

Tool used: dreamweaver 8

Db used: MS Access

In this article,  we learn, how to create DSN Connection in Dreamweaver.


The first step in this is to create a system DSN. To create DSN you have to go to (Windows) system’s control panel and then you have to go to “Administrative Tools” then “Data Sources (ODBC)” then go to the “System DSN” TAB. Then click ADD button and then choose the driver (Driver Do Microsoft Access) then click finish. Now give a name for your DSN and then browse and select the “*.mdb” file (database file) you want to use as the database to which the particular DSN name has to connect.

You need to define the DSN by clicking Define button on the DSN wizard window that appears when you click to add “Data Source Name(DSN)” in Dreamweaver.
(If your new DSN does not appear in the list items, open the “Data Source Name(DSN)” wizard once again from the database tab from the Application panel. you can find your new dsn appearing in the list. (Forget not to define your DSN in the System DSN tab).
Now, we need to link the newly created DSN in dreamweaver for our application devlopment. For this, go to “Application” Panel and choose the Database tab. Click PLUS icon and choose “Data Source Name (DSN)“.Select the “using Local DSN” Radio button. choose from the list of System DSNs available on your system ( in this list you can find your newly defined DSN too) then give a name for that connection. Now click “Test” (if there is password fill it and the username).
If the DSN is connected Successfully, we get the message saying “Connection was made Successfully“. Now you can make use of this DSN and create applications.
If the Test is not Success, it means there are some errors. We need to cross review each steps we’ve done.
Learn how to create a DSN-less database connection in dreamweaver