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Get and Set the select box value

Learn how to Get and Set the value from the select box or combo box using JavaScript! In this article,
we have two simple functions which will do that job.

Finding the value of a radio button

Finding the value associated with a form radio button. How to get the value of a radio button group, using javascript

A brief Note on JavaScript Objects – JavaScript articles

JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming language (OOP). An Object is a special kind of data and acts like real –life objects. An object has properties and methods. A real-life example for object could be a music system. It has properties like, on, off, current volume, etc. The methods could be said as, turn on, [...]

JavaScript Basics – The Fundamentals of JavaScript

The fundamentals of JavaScript is explained in simple. This is a must read reference for JavaScript beginners. What is JavaScript ?, How can we use the JavaScript ? , Where to place a JavaScript code ?, Characteristics of JavaScript, JavaScript variables, JavaScript operators, etc.

XML Parser using Javascript

Learn how to parse an XML file and write the data into an HTML page.This JavaScript parser loads the data from the XML file and displays in the HTML page.

Auto-looping banners using JavaScript

Learn how to create auto looping banners using JavaScript! In this article, we learn how to rotate banners in a loop with a specified delay. The script will count the number of banners present in the specified location and set the automatic loop of all the banners.

Learn how to write a JavaScript for loop

Learn how to write a JavaScript for loop.
In this article you will learn how write a simple JavaScript for loop function.

Flickering pop-up banner using JavaScript

Learn how to make a pop-up with a flickering effect using JavaScript. This effect makes the banner more attractive to get the visitor’s attention.