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Javascript switch: Multiple conditions in single case

This tutorials briefs about how to check multiple conditions in single case in JavaScript switch statement.
Multiple case values in switch
By default, case accepts only 1 value, this function enables multiple values to a single case

javaScript Engines (ECMA script Engines)

This article is a brief note on different javaScript engines. It also answers why Execution of javaScript code and its performance differ in different browsers.

showModalDialog: send and return values

JavaScript – window.showModalDialog: This article shows how to send and return values using the modal dialog. We learn how to send an array object information to the modal dialog and return an Object back to the parent window.

Add new items to array – JavaScript

This tutorial explains the JavaScript push() method for arrays.

How to get last date of the month – javascript

This is a simple function which returns the last date of the month using javascript

Cross Domain Ajax Requests – JSONP example

Making cross domain request is not a difficult task. Use JSONP to make Cross Domain Ajax Requests. Learn how to make JSONP requests with example

Ajax concepts revealed – History

Ajax is a group of interrelated web development methods to create interactive web applications. Learn more about ajax technology, history of ajax, advantages and disadvantages of ajax, and so on..

Get and Set the select box value

Learn how to Get and Set the value from the select box or combo box using JavaScript! In this article,
we have two simple functions which will do that job.

Load external javascript file after the page load

This article explains how to load external javascript files after the page is loaded. This article will be helpful to improve the page load speed.

How to detect browser type & version using jQuery

This article explains how to detect browser type and version using jQuery. $.browser property is explained in this article