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What is HTML?
W3schools define HTML as a language for describing web pages. HTML describes web pages. The Word HTML is the short form of Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is a Markup language and not a programming language. We do not need very good Programming background to learn and write HTML.

Now, what is a markup language? We have the answer; a markup language is a set of markup tags. So HTML can be said as a collection of markup tags used to describe web pages. HTML tags could be said as the skeleton of web pages.
Features of HTML tags:
HTML tags are wrapped or surrounded with angle brackets (‘<>’). Another feature of HTML is that, it usually goes in pairs. That means, HTML tags usually has closing tags along with its opening Tags . The first tag in a pair is known as ‘opening tag’ and the second tag is known as ‘closing tag’. However in HTML some tags do not have closing tags .
The file extension for HTML pages can be 2. They are *.html and *.htm
The HTML pages can be edited with the help of a “notepad” or other advanced editors like, Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Aptana Studio, etc.
HTML Page:
A simple HTML sample page can be created by opening a new file in a “notepad”, typing in the HTML code into it and saving it as “somefilename.html”
You will find articles on HTML in this section.