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How to show sub menu items always in joomla 1.5

This tutorial shows how to show the sub menu items always. By default, only the top level menu items are displayed in the menu panel, when some one clicks on the top level menu item, the sub menu items are shown if any sub menu items exist. Follow these simple steps to show the sub menu items always.


Login to the administrator panel as a super administrator. Choose the module manager menu from the extensions menu item.

Filter the module items by type “mod_mainmenu”. Choose the menu you wish to show the sub menu items always.


Always show sub-menu Items - JoomlaOpen the menu module to edit. In side the module parameters, locate the “Always show sub-menu Items” radio button option. Choose the “Yes” radio button.  Save (do the clear cache, if you have enabled) and close the module. Now, all the sub menu items under this particular menu module will be shown always.