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How to add new pages in joomla 1.5

This article shows how to add new articles/pages in joomla. Adding a new page in joomla website requires a new article and a corresponding menu item.  Step by step instruction can be found below.

Create a new article in Article Manager

Login to the administrator panel and then go the article manager panel, click on the new button and create a new article. Creating the new article under a particular section and a category is a good practice; it will be more useful when the website has several pages.
Give the title and the content and save the new article. You can also specify the meta tags in the meta information panel. Now the article is ready. The next step is to create a new menu item to link to this newly created article.

Create a new menu item in the menu manager

Go to the menu manager and select the menu in which you wish to create the new menu item. eg: if you wish to create the new menu item under “mainmenu” click on the Main Menu in the sub menu pop-up of the “Menu” link in the top navigation panel(administrator panel).
Now all the existing menus under Main Menu will be displayed. click on the new button and then the options for “Select Menu Item Type“, selecting the menu item type will be appearing.
Click on the “Article”. Now you will see the article link shows an expanded options to choose. Click on the “Article Layout” under the “Article” . Now fill in the options for the Article layout menu. Select Menu Item Type - JoomlaGive a title, Alias and finally, click on the select button to select the article to link with. Clicking the select button will popup an interface to choose the article to which this new menu item should link (Here, you can link to the newly created article in the previous step). Once the article is chosen, save the menu item. Now the new menu item is added.
That’s done! the new menu item is added and the page linked to this menu will be displayed when you click on the newly created menu item.