Sending Email in ASP

Author: satz | Date: May 9, 2009

In this article we learn how to send an email message in ASP. We use CDOSYS component in ASP to send email.

CDOSYS is a built-in component in ASP. This component is used to send e-mails with ASP.

Sending an email in HTML format:

 Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message")
 myMail.Subject="Sending email with CDO"
 myMail.HTMLBody = "<h1>This is a message.</h1>"
 set myMail=nothing

Code Explained:

Set myMail=CreateObject(“CDO.Message”) : Creates an Object on the server with the name “myMail“.

myMail.Subject : The created mail Object gets theĀ  subject.

myMail.From : The from Id of the mail is specified.

myMail.To : The to Id is specified.

myMail.HTMLBody : The HTML body of the email. We can use html tags.

myMail.Send : the mail object is send.

set myMail=nothing : Once the mail is sent, we need to destroy the mail object .